Chersea Laing

Chersea mid-impromptu jam at the old Alsco building (Matt Meuse Photography | 2021)
Chersea has always had a knack and a passion for music and its many applications. She was classically trained in Piano and Voice (pending grade 10 RCM certification) starting at a young age, and continued her passion in music by learning trumpet, clarinet, guitar, bass, and mixed percussion in adolescence. She has since applied these skills into her own musical project, which has garnered world-wide listeners and titles. While being a mental health advocate and an advocate for Children’s musical education, Chersea has found herself in many positions requiring her unique skill set. She has provided voluntary expertise at The Telus World of Science, her Alma Mater Minnekhada Middle School, Boss/Roland Head Office, and an Elementary school in Inuvik, NWT; just to name a few. 
Students who find themselves wishing to learn more than just one instrument, or expand on the instruments they already play, are going to love lessons with Chersea; she’s able to provide training not just on voice, but also piano, guitar, bass and trumpet. She’s excited for the opportunity help her students build confidence as budding musicians, performers, and the next generation of industry leaders. 
Chersea’s multilayered approach to music and the performing arts is unparalleled. She understands what it means to be an actor, a musician, a director, and a professional. Her real-life experience will provide a unique opportunity from which all her students can draw from. Chersea ultimately feels blessed to provide a creative learning space for children and is committed to inspiring them to work hard to achieve their limitless aspirations.


My daughter has been taking voice and piano lessons with Chersea for about two years and I have seen her bloom into an amazing artist. She is continually progressing in her skills and performance abilities, she is gently encouraged and challenged every time she sees Chersea. She truly is the best music teacher to my daughter and we truly love her and appreciate her for everything she does for our daughter. We highly recommend anyone looking for music lessons to consider Pleasant Mountain Music.

Vanessa P.

Chersea is not only an extremely talented and energetic vocal and music teacher, she is so admirably devoted to identifying and supporting her students’ to pursue their own particular passions. We are so grateful for the years during which our daughter has learned from and worked with her.

Karen C.

My son has been with PMM since it began and every single lesson has been an amazing experience for him. He has learned so much, not just musically, but also to become a more confident, well-rounded individual. Chersea and PMM and a delight to work with for both students and their families. Thank you so much for all the gifts you share!!!

Erin C.

We have loved our experience with PMM! My daughter looks forward to her voice lessons with Chersea every week. Chersea cares deeply about her students and works hard to help them succeed.

Aubyn M.

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