Private Karaoke Parties

Welcome to Pleasant Mountain Music, where we are excited to introduce our newest offering: private karaoke parties! Say goodbye to the stress of singing at a karaoke bar and the isolation of a karaoke box place. Our parties provide the perfect balance, offering a skilled host to keep the party and music flowing in a comfortable and welcoming environment. As a music school, we have heard singers of all types and abilities, and we love them all!

Private Karaoke Parties at Pleasant Mountain Music

Gather your friends, family, or colleagues and unleash your inner superstar in the privacy of your own setting. Our experienced hosts are passionate about music and will ensure that everyone feels at ease, whether you’re a seasoned performer or a first-time singer. With our private karaoke parties, you can enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere without the pressure of performing in front of strangers.

Private Karaoke Parties at Pleasant Mountain Music

Private karaoke parties at Pleasant Mountain Music are perfect for a variety of events. Celebrate birthdays, enjoy staff events, or have a blast at bachelorette parties. Whatever the occasion, our personalized and stress-free karaoke experience will create unforgettable memories. Get ready to sing your favourite tunes, cheer for your friends, and have a truly magical musical evening together. Book your private karaoke party now and let the music take centre stage!


Cost: $400 / 2hr, $500 / 3hr, cash or e-transfer in advance.
Time: Parties are in the evening, after our lessons are done, and can usually start between 7pm and 9pm. We allow guests to arrive up to a half hour early.
Capacity: 1 – 30, 8 – 16 is optimal
Songs: We use YouTube and nearly any song you can think of is on there. We offer our karaoke menu as inspiration, but are not limited to those songs.
Food / Drinks: Our parties are BYOB and BYOS (snacks).

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Want to add an extra splash to your karaoke party? We can arrange the following:

  • Character Hosts: 80s Hair Metal Singer, Fairy Tale Princess, etc
  • Singing Coaches: A qualified instructor giving you singing tips in real time
  • Diva Package: Private lessons in advance of your party, so you can dunk on your friends with your amazing new vocal abilities.

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