Metal Choir

Meet and greet other like-minded singers who are connected by an appetite for hard rock and heavy metal! All voices are welcome in this choir. Some singing experience is helpful, but not required.

~~Unleash your inner beast and come get loud with us.~~

🤘🏽 WHEN: Tuesdays @ 8:00-9:30pm (90 mins)
🤘🏻 WHERE: 2435A Granville Street, Vancouver
🤘🏽 START DATE: Tuesday April 9, 2023
🤘🏻 END DATE: Tuesday June 25, 2023

Participants will:
– discover and map their vocal ranges
– learn a warm-up for good vocal health
– work on their vocal chops through melody and harmony practice
– learn 3-4 hard rock, heavy metal, and/or punk by the end of the session
– practice introductory unclean vocals (screams and growls to start)
– previous metal choir sessions have including music from local artists (Devin Townsend, Spiritbox, Unleash the Archers) as well as internationally acclaimed artists (Metallica, Nightwish, System of a Down)

Tuition: $35/session for 12 weeks, totalling $420.00 for the term. Payment can be made up front, in one-lump sum, or paid by installment ($210.00 in by or before first class in April, and another $210.00 in May). No make-ups or refunds for missing group class.

Last day to register for Metal Choir is Friday March 29: