Covid-19 Safety

Since March 2020 the global pandemic of novel coronavirus has demanded substantial changes and revisions of business practices, government health orders, and individual behaviours in order to minimize mass outbreaks of the deadly Coronavirus disease. With a year (and counting) of dealing with life in a pandemic, those of us in the music lessons profession have managed to carve out a very safe and low-risk way of continuing youth and adult music education. For a lot of students having this musical lifeline has been a blessing especially during the most isolated days of the early pandemic! While we aren’t out of the pandemic woods yet, we continue to safely support our student body to self express and develop their skills on their chosen instrument.

At Pleasant Mountain Music we adhere to the following BCCDC (BC Centre for Disease Control) guidelines to minimize risk of spreading Covid-19. The bonus is these guidelines are also excellent at minimizing risk of spreading common cold and seasonal flu/bacterial infections:

  1. Handwashing – We ask students to wash their hands before class, and we ask our teachers to handwash or use hand sanitizer as often as is reasonable within a given teaching day.
  2. Physical Distancing – Our classrooms have enough room to sit 6 feet, or 3 meters apart during lessons. With the notable exception that sometimes students and teachers briefly sit facing the same way if the teacher must demonstrate a musical concept.
  3. Mask wearing – our teachers are all prepared to wear face masks throughout their lessons, and students should also feel comfortable wearing a mask while in the class room and waiting areas. Parents who wait in our waiting area are asked to wear face masks if they are feeling under the weather. Please note, we have extra face masks on site at the studio for public use.
  4. Travel – any students who have travelled or are expecting to travel outside of the province of BC should follow CDC guidelines on physical isolation, negative test results, vaccination requirements, and other safety measures before returning to in-person lessons. If a student tests negative to Covid-19 after travelling abroad, teachers will happily welcome them back to in-person. If a negative test is not available and a student feels unwell, the first lesson after returning from travels may be administered through video conferencing/online platform.
  5. Cleaning and disinfecting – Pleasant Mountain Music’s administration team will be responsible for regular cleaning of high-touch surface areas in the studio. Musical instruments provided by the studio (such as electric drums, pianos, and amps) will be cleaned at the end of each teaching day by teachers and/or administration team.

Other helpful resources to provide science-based and data-driven reasoning behind wearing of face masks when indoors:

Further reading on activity restrictions and indoor/outdoor gatherings:

NOTE: As of March 24, 2022 indoor gatherings are increased to allow up to 50 people, therefore one-on-one lessons with a teacher and student are still permissible under the current PHO (Provincial Health Orders).

Any students or parents feeling uneasy about attending lessons, especially for wind instruments (voice, trumpet, trombone, recorder etc…) are encouraged to try online lessons as 100% safe way of engaging in music education. With nearly 2 years of experience with online instruction, all Pleasant Mountain Music teachers are fluent in various video conferencing apps and software to make sure your lesson experience is seamless. Students who begin their music lessons online are always welcome to return to in-person lessons when they feel it is safe enough to do so.

Finally, we wish to say thank you to parents, guardians, and students for their continued commitment to safety measures despite boredom or fatigue with the pandemic. Your support of online lessons and face mask wearing after all this time means we are able to remain open with uninterrupted service. Thank you once again, and stay safe!