A Summer of Firsts

Summer is traditionally a slower time for music schools, but our first summer in our new studio has been jam packed with activity! We are so happy in our new space, providing Vancouver with a versatile location for music related activities, and more.

Here are some of the “firsts” we’ve had this summer:

First Ongoing Performance Bookings

In the spring, the South Granville BIA (Business Improvement Association) approached us about providing musical entertainment for their food truck events and summer markets. These events turned out to be a great way for our instructors and students to get some bonus summer performances in, and a great way for us to spread the word about our new studio. We also met some new musician friends while filling up the schedule.

First Summer Camps

The best things about our beautiful new studio is that we have room to put on group lessons and summer camps! In July, we held Pop Star(t)s Camp as well as Songwriting Camp. In August, we had Encanto Camp featuring music from the modern Disney classic! All the camps participants got to perform at the TGIF Food Trucks, which was an excellent experience.

First Private Rehearsal Booking

Sarah’s longtime musical partner Gord Deyell booked our main hall for a rehearsal with his jazz band. Our main hall is available to book for all kinds of events and activities.

First Private Event Booking

The other big first in July was our first private music booking. Grace and Amanda put on a delightful show and it was Grace’s first public performance ever. They did an amazing job and everyone had a great time. We’re very excited to be able to host all types of intimate concerts in our space. That event also put us in contact with filmmaker Ian Tan who then booked our space for his short film!

First Filming Rental

We were very surprised to be asked by Ian about using our studio as a filming location for his short film “For Roy” but it ended up working out quite well. Our studio was transformed into a hospice room, an office and a kitchen. We are very excited to see the final product, the photos of the day looked super exciting. The film debuts Aug 26th, 2022 at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

And Chersea’s Birthday Party!

Owner Chersea’s Birthday was our first event since our open house launch and it was a great time! We had students, friends and family all singing karaoke and jamming! Chersea even demonstrated her incredible production and songwriting abilities by creating loops on the fly for our good friends Megan and Angie.