Jade Hails

Jade Hails (2021)
American percussionist Jade Hails is a dynamic presence on and offstage. Combining theatrics and technical performance in a musical amalgamation, Hails has committed his career to bridging the gap between the arts. Offering his skill set to other artists in ways that utilize their work, curating collaborations based on poetry and literature as well as visual art and dance. Currently based in Vancouver, Jade is a faculty member of various private lessons schools throughout the Lower Mainland, where he provides instruction for percussion technique, performance, and entrepreneurship.
Combining theatrics and technical performance in a musical amalgamation, Jade has committed his career to bridging the gap between the arts. In performance, he has crafted a career based in interdisciplinary collaboration, commissioning and conspiring with various artists and performers to bring new works to audiences, students, and organizations. As an educator, Hails has spent the majority of his time instructing marching ensembles and public school programs fostering a culture of intensity and drive in the programs he has been a part of. Through determination and curiosity, Jade has recently come to Vancouver to generate more interest in percussion for students and audiences, providing them with further perspective on the craft of contemporary classical music.
As a former member of Left Edge Percussion, resident chamber percussion ensemble for the Oregon Center for the Arts and directed by Dr. Terry Longshore, Hails was invited to New York for the 2020 Bang on a Can LONGPLAY Festival. He was also a judge in the 2020 Left Edge Percussion Composition Competition selecting a work from over 80 submissions to be performed by the ensemble. These and many other collaborations paved the way for Hails’ passion for expanding art and branching out to cooperate with different disciplines of artists.
In his pursuit of interdisciplinary cohesion, Hails has joined forces with Letizia Pent, Italian born pianist, to form Pas de Duo. A melding of the traditional and the contemporary, Pas de Duo arranges, adapts, and commissions works with the intent to accompany classical and modern dance performers, further bridging the gap between the arts. This combined with Hails’ compositions and commissioning efforts display his true creative outlet and passions.
Jade Hails graduated from Southern Oregon University with his Masters in Music degree studying with Dr. Terry Longshore. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Oregon State University and has studied with Bob Brudvig, Alan Keown, and Matthew Keown.

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