Adrianna La Chimea

Adrianna La Chimea is a Vancouver-based pianist with 15 years of experience playing classical piano including 4 years of jazz/pop piano. She began studying piano with The Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) at the age of 6 and is currently in level 10. Since childhood, she has shown a love of music and a desire to keep improving her skills.
Throughout her youth, Adrianna has performed in many recitals and has received several awards for high achievement on RCM exams. She also competed in the “Crescendo International Music Competition” in 2016. During high school band, she learned how to play acoustic guitar, clarinet, flute, and many different percussion instruments. She won the “Tom Lee Music Scholarship” and the “Morag Cuthbertson Scholarship” awards for achieving a high GPA. She was also the recipient of the “Student Tech Award” for performing tech duties for several recitals at Vancouver Community College (VCC).
Adrianna is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Applied Music program at VCC studying classical piano with Emily Logan and jazz/pop piano with Sharon Minemoto. She received her Music Diploma from VCC in April 2023. After graduation, she plans to work towards completing the RCM Associate Diploma (ARCT).
Since September 2021, Adrianna has been an active member of the Gamelan ensemble at VCC. She composed several pieces for the ensemble that have been performed at various concerts. Some of her newest compositions will be performed at VCC’s biannual ensemble concerts.
Once Adrianna completes her ARCT, she plans to teach all levels of piano including RCM. Her long term objective is to pursue a Masters degree in performance or composition.

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