Handpan Clinic

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This unique and multifaceted instrument blends the stunning auditory quality of steel drums, with the tactile, portable sensation of hand drums. It’s brand name is “Hang” (sometimes called The Hang, or a hang drum) and it is truly a unique instrument. We are beyond pleased to offer clinics to demystify it’s beauty and rhythms with masters of percussion, Jade Hails, in partnership with Gandharva Loka World Music Instruments (located at Granville Island)!

Handpan Clinic #4
Date: Monday May 27
Time: 7:00-9:00pm
Tuition: $50.00

Description: Join teacher Jade for a journey through the unique features of the Handpan (also known as The Hang) a tuned percussion instrument born in the early 2000s. Demystify it’s scale/mode, listen to a demonstration, learn the basics of how to play it, and try out the family of drums for yourself: there will be a tongue drum, hybrid Handpan, and a full size handpan present at the clinic for participants to explore. Participants are not required to have a handpan however, if they are in possession of a tongue drum or handpan, they may want to bring it along to learn more about their unique version of the instrument as not all handpans or tongue drums have the same tuning.

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