Metal Drop In and Sing-A-Long

We are super excited to announce the addition of two big recurring events to the PMM calendar! They are our first public music events so tell your friends and come on up to the studio for some sweet music.

Metal Drop In

Following the success of the Metal Choir, we are also offering a more casual event called Metal Drop In. It’s meant for the people who love to sing metal but don’t want to commit to the weekly choir session. There will be a larger selection of music, and we’ll only sing each song once or twice per session. The format will loosely follow this format:

Act One: Abyssus Chorus

  • The group singing portion of night!
  • We’ll compile a repertoire of 8 – 10 songs that we like to do best, they can include songs from the Tuesday night Metal Choir
  • We’ll go though the songs in order from easiest to hardest. Each song will probably be done one time only, maybe an extra pass through a tricky section
  • Starts ~7:30

Act Two: Erebos Anthem

  • This is the diva part of the night.
  • Our most confident performers can step up to mic and belt out their best tunes. Everyone is welcome to sing as well, but one person will have the mic. Songs should be popular enough that a good portion of the group knows them.
  • New participants are encouraged to take the spotlight for a song!
  • Starts ~8:30

Act Three: Obscuris Cantus

  • The weird part of the night!
  • People who haven’t sung yet are encouraged to sing anything they like.
  • Our more confident singers can try a song they’ve never done.
  • Departures are prioritized by letting people who need to leave sing one more song.
  • ~9:30 – \infty

Our first Metal drop in is planned for Friday, April 21st. We will have one on the penultimate (second last) Friday of each month until the summer. We’ll then come up with a plan for the summer.

Metal Drop In Discord Group

Sing-a-long Night

A lucky few got a taste of the sing-a-long at our anniversary party, but that was just the test run! We’re assembling a crack team of studio owners and musician friends to bring you a great night of entertainment. We’re going to learn about 10 songs to start with. Mostly crowd pleasers and bangers, but maybe a few hidden gems as well. As we expand our repertoire of hits, based on your suggestions, it’ll be come a free for all of musical enjoyment. The sing-a-long will start around 7:30.

The first sing-a-long night will be Friday April 28th. We’ll have one on the last Friday of each month until summer and come up with a plan for summer later.

Sing-a-long Setlist Page (Work in progress)

Sing-a-long Night Discord Group