Winter Solstice Video 2021

It is our (the PMM owners & teachers) absolute pleasure to release our very first YouTube video concert. Prerecorded by students, parents, and teachers in the days leading up to the Winter Solstice (Dec 21st, in the Northern Hemisphere for our international students), we want to give a shout out for the extra work put in to create a recording of performance. Recording is a different kind of beast from live in-person recitals, since the option to stop! and do it again! is ever present, and can sometimes be distracting. But the kids and teens have all shown their performance chops are well and truly in the making, as this video is sure to demonstrate. 

We know it’s been difficult this year to regularly maintain togetherness; our Provincial Health Orders have had us relaxing and restricting so frequently, it’s been a bit fatiguing! So let’s celebrate staying safe, adapting the best we can, and that the days are getting longer, by bringing the music to you and yours through the power of YouTube and the internet!

NOTE: This video is intentionally left unlisted. It’s sharable as a link with friends and family, but it won’t be discoverable in YouTube searches to protect the privacy of student performers.